Ways to Thank All Your Customers by Using Your Promo Products


If you want to create a loyal customer base or want to make your customer happy then little appreciation from you can do wonders. Use of various promotional products can be one of the perfect ways of nurturing relationships with all your existing customers.

A research was conducted by certain organization that found that people try to spend about 80 per cent of the marketing funds for creating new customer base, while they must spend more on their existing customers too.

The following are findings of the research:

  • Referrals obtained from existing customers are 107% more than number of new customers.
  • You need to spend 6 times more for selling any item to a new customer as compared to any of your existing customers.
  • Your repeat customers will generally spend 33% more on your product than any new customers

Therefore, following are 4 ways to use various promotional products for your existing customers and try to show little love and respect to your existing customers.

  • Offer a personalized gift

Offer your existing customers any www.customgrocerybags.com and customize these promotional products by writing the name of your customer along with your company logo.

It can be a wonderful way of creating a personal touch on your promotional gift. It is human psychology, which everyone loves to see their own name in any promotional items.

  • Host any VIP event

Organize any exclusive event and invite all your loyal customers to such events and offer them little recognition too. You can then also send them home by gifting them with a certain custom product, so that they can remember the event.

You may prefer to consider an evening for a cocktail party or also an early-morning sale for in-store item at discounted price. It will certainly help your customers to feel connected with your company.

  • Create certain rewards program

All of us love to receive any kind of free stuff, so you can reward your loyal customers with certain promotional products, if they purchase few numbers of products or if they are frequently buying your products or introduce few more customers for your business for few times.

It can surely be a great way of boosting your sales, and it will show to your regular customers that you are genuinely in favor of their returning to your business again and again.

  • Request for customer feedback

Opinions of your customers can be a valuable input for you to get feedback about your products or services. Therefore, you must ask them about what will they like to see in the service from your company.

Try to follow up by offering few promotional products as a thank-you message for speaking up. With this gesture, you will show that you are really committed to run a business which your customers will support in the long-term.

Try to use various promotional products for sincerely thanking your customers. Never rush with your logo gift only when your contract renewal is due which will give a message that you are insincere, and customers can always pick it up.

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