Kickstart Your Day on a Positive Note with CBD and Stay Stress Free


The market for CBD products is flourishing day by day. If you check online, you will be surprised to see the diversification of CBD products. The latest trend that is going about is edibles. You can get them in the form of chocolates, beverages, gummies, and cookies. If you are new to CBD, then it is likely that you might get confused about which product would best suit your requirements.

Confusing CBD with THC

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. You can either opt for a full-spectrum or isolate versions in CBD. The full-spectrum refers to CBD products that contain carrier oils or all cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Isolate version is the purest form of CBD wherein all other plant mattes or chemicals are removed.

The cannabis plant also consists of another cannabinoid known as THC. This is the ingredient present in marijuana and can get you pretty hyped up. If you are a beginner, you can easily get confused between the two. The THC concentration present in CBD edibles needs to be less than 0.3% for it to be passed in the market. This is the reason you need to purchase CBD from licensed dispensaries such as JustCBD located in Coral Springs, Florida.

This company specializes in different varieties and sizes of gummies especially if this is your first time trying CBD. The CBD products sold by them are made from organic hemp without comprising on the quality. They also have a list of FAQs’ listed on their website that answers most of your queries about the edibles. CBD is legal in many states, but it is always better to check with your country laws before purchasing them.

Now before you go and purchase edibles, you might want to learn about the basic difference between CBD and THC.

  • CBD does create a psychoactive effect that can get you high. THC creates a psychoactive effect
  • CBD is derived from hemp plants, whereas THC is derived from marijuana plants
  • CBD can be used for medicinal purposes as it is legal, unlike THC

Know What You are Getting into with CBD

When you are a beginner to CBD, it is easy to get swindled by fraudulent companies selling low-quality CBD products. Here is where you need to do your homework and distinguish genuine companies from the fake. Some key points that can help you here are:

  • Go with licensed stores that come with lab reports uploaded on their websites
  • Check the ingredients that are printed at the back of the products
  • Go through the customer reviews and ratings
  • Check the CBD concentration on the edibles
  • Do not hesitate to contact CBD companies and ask questions
  • Good quality CBD can be expensive, so you might need to shell out some money

CBD products do not cure cancer or medical conditions but can provide relief from their symptoms. Stay away from companies that claim that their products can cure medical conditions.


You can have the best of both worlds by indulging in your favorite foods and beverages infused with CBD. Begin with a minimum dosage so that you get the hang of it before increasing the dosage.

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