Decoding the Myths Surrounding HIV People Likely to be Affected with COVID-19


The outbreak of COVID-19 has spread a lot of panic and anxiety in people. If you follow the news, every day new cases are emerging with no vaccine available in the foreseen future. Certain myths are floating about the risk of getting COVID-19 likely to be seen in HIV patients.

Correlation about HIV and COVID-19

Now, you must be curious to know why such myths are floating around. Why are HIV patients likely to be affected with COVID-19 despite maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene? The truth is people who are suffering from any medical condition, have a low immune system or elderly people might be at a higher risk from this disease.

This does not mean that the younger generation is risk-free. Anyone can contract this disease. The best precaution which you can follow is to wash and sanitize your hands frequently. While going out, ensure to wear 3 Ply masks sold by companies like Custom Earth Promos situated in Delray Beach, Florida. These masks will protect you from viruses and germs in your surroundings.

The company sells a wide range of eco-friendly products without compromising on quality. They even manufacture custom filtration masks with unique designs and colors. Masks need not have to be plain or boring anymore.

If you know of anyone who is living with HIV, then you need to ensure that they maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the things that can help them fight the risk of COVID-19 include:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Regularly wash hands with soap
  • Sanitize hands after coming from outside
  • Staying at home and going outside only if it is necessary
  • Wearing masks if they go to public places or suffer from cold or cough

They also need to have proper meals that can boost their immune system. Ensure to take medicines on time and have a stock of these for future use. This applies to the rest of the population as well. It is natural to be stressed about this situation, but this is not the end of the world.

Yes, you might not be able to meet your friends, visit places and might get bored sitting at home, but look at the bigger picture. You are contributing by stopping the virus in finding its next victim.

Driving Away the COVID-19 Blues

You cannot always live in fear of COVID-19. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, this is a challenging time, but you need to sit it through. Social distancing does not mean that you do not talk to anyone.

  • You can always check in on your neighbors
  • Make use of video calls to talk to your loved ones
  • Social media is another great way to connect with people

If you feel depressed or stressed about the current situation, you can always call a therapist and get counseled by them. Many hospitals and clinics have offered video consultations for their customers.


Following simple hygiene and social distancing can help reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Spread positivity and brighten up the lives of people who require it.

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