Parameters For Hiring The Right Cloud Service Provider


It doesn’t matter if you are running a small scale or large scale business, you need a cloud service provider on whom you can rely completely. You need someone who can monitor cloud functioning so that you can focus on your core work. You need to find an operator that fits best according to your requirement.

Technetics Consulting is one such company that excels in providing cloud services, network services, 24*7 customer support, etc. It is based in Melbourne. It provides the best solutions for your IT issues. You can contact them for assistance anytime. This firm works for every kind of business, be it small scale or large scale.

How to choose the best cloud service provider?

  • Quality

There is a lot of competition in the market among IT service providers and all of them assure you to provide the best services. You need to look out for right and genuine providers. The most famous providers are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

The Amazon Web Services have a share of 33% in the market and you need to pay them by calculating the number of hours you have run applications on it. Google Cloud Services have a share of 6% and Microsoft Azure has a share of 13% in the market. Some business-specific service providers are Rackspace and IBM Cloud.

  • Security Issues

You need to look at the security features of every service provider and compare them with others so that you get an idea about whose services are better. You can ask your security-related queries without any hesitation.

You need to set your security goals and budget to make the right choice. The provider should be able to give you your niche-specific solutions.

  • Service quality

You need to keep in mind what kind of services is offered by various service providers. They should be quick in responding to you. There should be a legal agreement that mentions all the terms and conditions relevant to your security issues. You should be clear about what you want.

  • Price

You should calculate all the expenses that are going to be included in the process of hiring a professional cloud service provider. You should make a list of all kinds of resources that you expect from a provider. Check out the methods of calculation of expenses of every service provider. This will prevent you from any kind of fuss at the time of hiring services.

  • Support from provider

You should check out the level of support services that can be provided to you in the hours of an emergency. Sometimes the situations get out of control and the issues cannot be resolved over a telephone call or through chat service.

In such cases, you need personal assistance and the provider should be able to send an experienced technician for resolving your problem.


These were some of the basic markers that you need to take care of while searching for the right cloud service provider. The provider should be able to provide services according to your technical and business needs.

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