How to Promote and Sell Your Music Online (Apple, Spotify, TikTok)


Today, many artists are thinking about how to advertise their songs and expand their TikTok audience. Most definitely they will because it is the most rapidly growing social apps and what fuels the app is MUSIC.

How can you make use of this platform?

Via dance competitions and lip-sync videos, or just putting the song in the context of a comic skit, or emotional scene caught on video, over 50 million active users worldwide share their favorite tracks on TikTok.

TikTok is not only a wonderful forum for spreading music, exchanging tracks, and discovering new fans, but when someone uses your track, it is also a way to gain money. With artists such as Lil Nas X,  Joji, and Ava Max, promotion on this platform has contributed to major boosts on various other sites such as YouTube and Spotify.

You can sell your music online too as well as get your music on Spotify and iTunes by pairing up with MusicDigi . On every big streaming channel in more than 100 countries around the world, they have your music playing and receive royalties that they give to the musicians as profits.

How to go viral on TikTok

  • Upload Your Music

MusicDigi will bring your music to the platform for use in short-duration videos. Your tracks will be accessible in the library of music of TikTok, where they can be pulled into any of their videos by any user. You make money when your track is used.

  • Follow Fellow Musicians

Getting there and using it is the easiest way to learn about TikTok.But also follow some popular musicians on the platform. You will discover what works for artists who can be innovative on TikTok, even though you do not love their music or genre.

  • Keeping it light

It is a forum for entertainment. You could have a difficult time making content that interacts with users when you’re a creator who takes himself incredibly seriously.

  • Don’t bother to be great

It’s not about glitter at TikTok.

On this platform, defects, quirkiness, awkwardness, and even rude stuff get a lot of attention. But don’t be scared to reveal your true self, and don’t be pressurized to look amazingly good until you reach a milestone. Get crazy. Be eccentric. Stay real, stay true.

  • Dance!

Come up with dance choreography to any of your tracks. Post it if it’s a little bit tough, but still practical enough for your fans to mimic the movements with limited effort!

  • It’s about the audience

TikTok is a forum that thrives on involvement with the community. It’s not a place where you position yourself on a raised platform and your wisdom is bowed to by all. It’s about what your songs will inspire in people, getting them to create memories of their own.


Musicdigi can help deliver your music to TikTok, Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, Deezer, Twitter, Pandora, Amazon Music, Oculus, YouTube Music, and many more. They want to help you communicate with listeners all over the globe.

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